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Gensavis Pharmaceuticals, LLC products is not allowed on any third party marketplace websites (such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Bonanza, Rakuten, Jet, Alibaba, Aliexpress, etc.) without the express permission of Gensavis Pharmaceuticals, LLC.…Orders will not be processed until all required information is received and reseller status is granted. Please note that all orders must be pre-paid in USD and delivery must be within the United States unless otherwise negotiated.Gensavis Pharmaceuticals, LLC  does not assist with export of products. If a reseller chooses to export NovaFerrum® products beyond North America, the distributor assumes all responsibility for the product and medical related inquiries. Gensavis Pharmaceuticals, LLC is not responsible for products, including product and medical related inquiries. Gensavis Pharmaceuticals, LLC  is not responsible for product that has been exported by a reseller. Resellers will be obligated to indemnify Gensavis Pharmaceuticals, LLC  with respect to any claims arising after resale.
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